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Instagrammable Spots in Ipoh


Posted on March 18, 2024

Ipoh’s rustic charm owes itself to its eclectic infusion of old and new, and slices of colonial heritage interwoven with rich local character. It’s no wonder that memories captured here end up on Instagram feeds and stories; the juxtaposed aesthetics of what was and what is are certainly trendy and perfect for the gram.

Many of Ipoh’s Instagrammable spots are around Old Town and within walking distance of each other, but to enjoy Ipoh in its full Instagrammable glory, a spacious and safe vehicle of your own goes a long way.

1. Mural Art’s Lane

You don’t need to make your way to a museum or gallery to admire amazing art pieces — just look out the window and see an abundance of them adorning the city’s walls, peopling alleys that wrap around the city. Soak in the views and see Ipoh from different angles with the Mitsubishi Outlander’s sunroof, which also brings some lovely natural light into the car. These murals make great Instagram photo backdrops, so you can even make an adventure out of mural-hunting and photo-taking.

Inspired by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic, an Ipoh-born art teacher who goes by the name Eric Lai breathed life to the city’s backstreets. Mural Art’s Lane features Malaysians of all races, depicting scenes from their family lives, childhood games, and traditional dances.

Have peace of mind while driving on the streets of Ipoh as you admire the murals and architecture. Mitsubishi Outlander is equipped with 7 SRS airbags and has the patented safety body construction system, Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE), to ensure ultimate protection and safety for all occupants.

2. Burps & Giggles

Transport yourself to the quirky world of old and new at Burps & Giggles cafe, right next to Kong Heng Square. Here, antique and contemporary bits and bobs are repurposed as decor, making this Instagram-worthy cafe a fine backdrop for good conversations and good food with good company. Disguised as a dressmaker’s shophouse called U.S. Peter (its former identity, no less), Burps and Giggles is a blend of colonial-era influences and old-school Malaysian touches. Expect quality coffee and meals here, with dishes like pastries, burgers, and baguettes as bases for pizza, all made for famished foodies and flat-lay fiends.

While driving here in your Mitsubishi Outlander, enjoy maximum comfort with generous legroom for all occupants in this 7-seater SUV, or make full use of the 1,608L cargo space when you fold the second and third rows.

Just less than 100 metres away is Plan B, housed in a pre-war building that used to be a furniture warehouse, now reborn as a local chain restaurant. Infusing upscale contemporary aesthetics and the nostalgic warmth of old Ipoh. With 7,885 square feet of space for feasts and festivities, this place doubles up as an event space that is just the right mix of modern and traditional.

3. Old Town: Market Lane, Concubine Lane (Lorong Panglima) & Kong Heng Square

A stone’s throw away from Burps & Giggles and Plan B lies a haven for handcrafted and custom-made items, sold at the Kong Heng Square Artisan Market. Besides culinary delights, Kong Heng Square is home to the all-new and unique Book Xcess, a chain bookstore that has been injected with Ipoh’s magic through neon signage and slightly rustic feel. There are thousands of books across different genres, pop-art, and even the Yasmin at Kong Heng Newseum in the basement. In this little newseum, you’ll find original scripts, television commercials, and films by the late and extraordinary Malaysian icon in the creative industries, Yasmin Ahmad.

If you’re staying over, you might want to check out Sekeping Hong Keng, a boutique hotel by the famous landscape architect, Ng Sek San and partners, and perhaps even pop by Kong Heng Kopitiam for a quintessentially Ipoh-style kopitiam breakfast.

Continue your stroll to Concubine Lane (Lorong Panglima), lined with pop-up stalls, souvenir shops, chic cafes, and quaint dessert spots that were once pre-independence brothels, opium dens, and gambling houses. There is also the Second Concubine Lane, also known as Market Lane, where a coffee shop and fruit store are perched under a sea of Instagrammable hanging overhead umbrellas.

4. Luminous Forest @ Lost World of Tambun

Credit: Goody Foodies

About half an hour away from the town centre is a glittering, glowing wonderland of magical creatures and plants that come alive at night. State-of-the-art lights and installations make for great photo ops that translate wonderfully on your Instagram Stories and feed. An enchanted village of the Malayana tribe, this bioluminescent forest is home to the 400-year-old willow-like tree, Mother Sophea or The Tree of Life, exotic animals and insects, the Bridge of Luminosa, and more. Open from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm, the Luminous Forest welcomes visitors who want to be immersed in a fantastical world of storytelling, demonstrated through its well-crafted landscape and guided tour.

Visit the Lost World of Tambun and enjoy the other attractions during the daytime, too, including the Lost World Petting Zoo. The Lost World of Tambun is about 11 kilometres from Ipoh Old Town; you can get more mileage with Mitsubishi Outlander’s powerful yet fuel-efficient MIVEC engine, with which you get to save on fuel but don’t have to compromise on performance.

5. Mirror Lake (Tasik Cermin)

Beyond the gorgeous cityscape, Ipoh also offers off-the-beaten adventures and scenic views. Nestled among the limestone karst hills of Gunung Rapat is a mystical and idyllic lake. The stillness of the lake and the glistening reflection of the rugged limestone walls, shrubs, and sunlight on the water — hence the name — give a sense of calm and serenity. The peaceful scenery is truly as impeccable in photos as it is in real life.

Getting to Tasik Cermin (or Mirror Lake in English) is difficult without a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Thankfully, the Outlander has a multi-select 4WD system, where you can choose from three modes depending on the road conditions and terrains.

To get to the lake, just pass a temple called Tokong Da Seng Ngan, continue down the path, and drive up a slope. Amid a quarry, there is a 250-metre tunnel carved through the rocks. Park your vehicle nearby and walk along this tunnel; on the other side, a hidden oasis awaits.

6. Kledang Saiong Forest Eco Park

Capture your outdoor adventures at the Kledang Saiong Forest Reserve, an eco-tourism park where you can go on a trek or a stroll, have a picnic or a BBQ, off-road cycle, and even organise camping activities (for this, however, you will need to request prior permission from the District Forest Office). Around 74 species of pitcher plants can be found in the forest reserve, all of which are being conserved and preserved, and are open to visitors.

With ample parking space just adjacent to the forest, parking is easier than ever. This is especially so with the Xpander’s All-Round Monitor. Whether it’s parking your vehicle or driving to the park, you get a bird’s eye view of your surroundings with additional eyes to assist. Multiple cameras are installed all around the vehicle, including a reverse camera for better and safer parking.

From outdoor excursions to urban adventures, there is an array of Instagram-worthy things to do, see, and capture in this charming and quaint city. With the Mitsubishi Xpander, your journey to, and around, Ipoh will surely be one to remember. Visit our website for more details.

Best Malaysia Holiday Destinations


Posted on March 18, 2024

The school holidays have come again, and the children are already asking you about the agenda. The car is ready to go but where can you take them? With your Mitsubishi Outlander, you can choose to skip the nightmare of parking at packed shopping centres and the long queues in the malls for a relaxing getaway. Why not keep them happy with some fresh air and educational fun in the nature?

Here are some Malaysia holiday destinations where you can spend quality time with your children, without the added stress of breaking the bank, that will be fun for the rest of the family too!

1. Waterfall in FRIM Kepong

Image credit: FRIM

What to do: Located in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, FRIM is one of the best Malaysia holiday destinations in Klang Valley. Being the country’s largest secondary forest, this lush forestry would be an ideal place to take the kids for some adventure among the trees. There are several interesting activities to do in FRIM such as camping, birdwatching, jungle trekking, jogging, and cycling. If your goal is to give the kids an educational experience, you can visit the insect house and herbal botanical garden.

We recommend you take a cool dip in the water and have a relaxing picnic with the bunch whilst enjoying the sounds of nature. Or perhaps you could challenge the children to a stone-stacking competition!

What to note: As the monsoon season is heaviest in November, we suggest you check the weather report and be careful when you’re in the water when you visit this Malaysia holiday destination. There are many shallow parts you can safely dip in but it’s best to be safe!


2. Sunway Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh, Perak

What to do: Why not take a drive out of town to Sunway’s Lost World of Tambun? With your spacious 7-seater SUV, Outlander, you’ll have plenty of cabin room to pack the kids and some clothes, and head to this entertainment haven. That will surely have them excited! The convenient split-folding seats allow versatile arrangement of space to fit in all the swim and water-play gear too.

Featuring a waterpark, an amusement park, an adventure park, hot spring pools, and a petting zoo, you’ll be able to keep the children occupied for hours. With many things to do with your loved ones, there is no doubt that Sunway Lost World of Tambun is one of the best Malaysia holiday destinations to visit.

What to note: There are special promo deals on their website that include accommodation for the whole family that’s worth checking out. Some packages also include breakfast, to make it that easier for you!


3. Firefly Park, Kuala Selangor

Image credit: The Star

What to do: Kuala Selangor houses one of the biggest colonies of these glittering bugs, and it’s an experience to be enjoyed by the whole family. You can reach this Malaysia holiday destination within an hour drive from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur. Take your kids with you without worrying about their safety during your ride with the built-in ISOFIX system for all the rear seats.

The spectacle of these shining little insects is usually enjoyed at night after 7.30 pm by boat ride along the mangrove forest. Before this, you can take the kids for a stroll by the beach and enjoy a hearty seafood dinner by the bay.

What to note: It’s easy to get to this Malaysia holiday destination using Google Maps or Waze with your Mitsubishi Outlander and there are no parking fees to pay at the park. You’ll just have to purchase the boat tickets.


4. Cameron Highlands, Pahang

What to do: Get away from the city and enjoy some green views of the tea plantation hills in Cameron Highlands. It is one of the best Malaysia holiday destinations due to its beautiful scenery and comfortable weather. The journey will take a while, but with the Rest Reminder feature of your Mitsubishi Outlander, you know you and your kids are in reliable hands. Sipping tea may not be your kids’ idea of fun, but you can enjoy a cuppa while they play in the open gardens.

Then, head over to the strawberry farms to pick some fresh berries, the bee farm for some sweet honey, and the Mossy Forest for a short trek. This will be an unforgettable experience for the young ones!

What to note: Check the suitability of tours and activities in Cameron Highlands based on your children’s ages. Also note that the Mossy Forest can get very slippery during the wet season, so if you plan to go, make sure your family brings the right footwear.


The holidays provide the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with the family. Pick one or more places from our list of top choices to give the children a fun and educational adventure! With your Mitsubishi Xpander, getting to these places safely and with optimum comfort will be a breeze. Visit our website for more details.

Best Food in Melaka to Eat Like a Local


Posted on March 18, 2024

Image credit: Shutterstock

You most likely know Malacca or Melaka as Malaysia’s historical city with ancient buildings and colonial structures, but do you know that it’s also a town of gastronomical delight?

If you’re planning a road trip and looking for a relaxed destination with a wide selection of local delights to savour, we recommend you head over to the streets to find the best food Melaka. Check out these top restaurants for local Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Nyonya dishes.

1. Chicken Rice Ball @ Hoe Kee Chicken Rice

 Image credit: Worldofbuzz

When you’re hunting for best food in Melaka, you can find this special rendition of the Malaysian Chinese chicken rice dish only in this small city. Typically, the special tasting rice in this dish is boiled in chicken stock and once cooked, it’s rolled into balls, giving it a unique look and texture to bite on.

Hoe Kee is one of the most famous restaurants in Melaka for this dish and every day the placed is filled with locals and tourists looking to enjoy this fragrant tasty delight. Fit the family in your Triton early to get your tummies filled before sightseeing.

4, 6 & 8, Jalan Hang Jebat, Melaka, Malaysia.

2. Nyonya Laksa @ 486 Baba Low

 Image credit: Misstamchiak

This rustic food stall is located next to a mosque, under some trees. We recommend you try to head there before 9.30 am, before the place gets too packed. You can find a parking spot for your Mitsubishi Triton under the shade. Navigating the streets of Melaka can be challenging as they are narrow and full of pedestrians and bikes. The Triton’s blind-spot warning, audible alert, and displays blinking warning in the door mirrors will ensure you reach your destination without any mishaps.

Note that their signature Nyonya Laksa consists of taupok, boiled egg, and fish balls, infused with thick coconut milk. The laksa here is fragrant, with a mild level of spiciness, landing it on a must-eat list when you’re on the lookout for best food in Melaka. You can also add some of their special homemade sambal chilli that is made fresh daily for that extra kick!

486 Jalan Tengkera, 75200 Melaka.

3. Wanton Noodles @ Dung Fong Restaurant

 Image credit: Food Advisor

This dish is a favourite with locals for generations and this restaurant serves it with a slight twist. These wanton noodles are for the hot and spicy meal lovers! Served with a delicious mix of savoury-spicy soy sauce, homemade noodles, char siew pork, and vegetables in just the right amount to fill your tummies for the road.

7-11, Kampung Bukit China, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia, 75000, Kampung Banda Kaba, Melaka.

4. Satay Celup @ Ban Lee Siang

 Image credit: Foursquare

Ban Lee Siang is one of the oldest original satay celup restaurants in Melaka. Its unique blend of local satay and steamboat cuisine styles, with satay sticks dipped into a hot pot filled with creamy peanut sauce, makes it a must-try for anyone wanting to experience the best food in Melaka.

Remember to plug your phone into the USB port to enjoy Apple CarPlay and Android Auto navigation to avoid getting lost. This place is always busy and filled too, so if you find yourself having to wait for a seat, make sure your smartphones are charged up with the rear USB charging ports not to miss out on an Instagram-worthy dinner.

53-C, Jalan Ong Kim Wee 75300 Melaka, Malaysia.

5. Pak Putra Tandoori & Naan

Image credit: Sgmytaxi

 You may wonder what’s so special about the tandoori chicken and naan bread here. The chicken served is juicy and tender, which you can pair with a fresh and fluffy naan and a creamy cup of lassi. It’s a popular eat-out spot among the locals. We recommend you visit this place on the day you’re craving for some Indian cuisine. Not only it’s one of the places to go to for best food in Melaka, but also a great spot to hang out and chit chat with your family and friends.

56 & 58, Jalan Kota Laksamana 4, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia.

6. Cendol @ Aunty Koh’s

Image credit: Sgmytaxi

 Aunty Koh’s cendol has been highly acclaimed to be the best amongst the best in Melaka. Even Google’s top result for the best cendol in Melaka is Aunty Koh’s! She plucks her own pandan leaves, pounds and hand squeezes the juices out of them with the coconut flesh for santan, all by herself every morning. This comes served with a good dose of superior Gula Melaka. And if you need any more reasons why it’s the best food in Melaka, the stall sells out in less than two hours upon opening, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Note that the stall is roughly 15 minutes away from Melaka town, so jump into your Mitsubishi Triton early and head there for a quick cool down.

5113, Jalan Batang Tiga, Kampung Bukit Rambai, 75250, Melaka.

Is your mouth watering already? Start loading up your Mitsubishi Triton and take a drive to try out the best food in Melaka. With the Mitsubishi Triton’s ample cargo space, it will be a pleasant drive with your family and friends, even if it’s just to try out one of these authentic local dishes.

It won’t just be a treat for your tummy but a pleasurable, relaxed drive around this quaint, laid-back historical town with your Mitsubishi Triton. Visit for more details.

Top 5 Places to Eat in KL


Posted on March 18, 2024

When you’re out and about with your family, looking for the best local delights that Kuala Lumpur, the amount of choice available may be a bit overwhelming. But some restaurants, eateries, and stalls stand out from the rest with traditional local flavours that were kept brewing over the years.

Here are five best places to eat in KL where you can enjoy the most authentic Malay, Chinese, and Indian cuisines.

1. Willy Satay

Image credit: Fried Chillies

Main Delicacy: Satay

If you want to have a quick bite and satisfy your meat cravings, this is one of the places to eat in KL. The satay at Willy’s is juicy with chunks of meat on a stick that is grilled and caramelized until tender. Dipped in their sweet and spicy peanut sauce, you’ll surely need a few sticks at one go. What’s also unique to Willy’s satay is that it comes served with lontong instead of the usual ‘ketupat’ rice.

Should the parking get a little too full and you need to make a few extra turns to get a spot, your Mitsubishi Triton has a turning radius of 5.9 meters making any turning done effortlessly for easier manoeuvrability.

Location: Jalan Datuk Keramat, Kampung Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur.

Traveller’s Tip: There are many places in Kuala Lumpur that serve delicious satay, but if you’re not keen on the fatty bits, this is the best place to go.

2. Madras Lane Curry Laksa

Image credit: Hungry Onion

Main Delicacy: Curry Laksa

This quaint food stall is one of the best places to eat in KL. It is ranked No. 2 on Lonely Planet’s most authentic bucket-list of culinary experiences all over the world and is right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. So you’ll not only be getting a cultural taste of the place but also the sights of this bustling metro. The laksa served here is loaded with delicious ingredients like brinjal, long beans, chicken, and tofu puffs, served in thick and creamy laksa gravy. Of course, you get a spoonful of cockles too if you like it, but you can always opt to have it without them.

Location: Madras Lane Curry Laksa, off Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur.

Traveller’s Tip: There are a few curry laksa stalls along this lane, we recommend the third stall in this row for its creamy coconut-milk curry broth. Yes, there is a difference between curry mee (sans the coconut milk) and curry laksa.

3. Rojak Bellamy

Image credit: Food Advisor

Main Delicacy: Indian/Mamak Rojak

Whether you’re driving through Kuala Lumpur for the first time or just in town during teatime with the family, you should try the local Malaysian-Indian rojak. As the name suggests, it’s a Malaysian ‘mixed’ salad consisting of shredded cucumber, boiled potatoes, bean curd, turnip, bean sprouts, fluffy fried seafood puffs, and crunchy prawn fritters – just like its city dwellers. To top this off, it’s drenched in a delicious thick and creamy peanut sauce that will have you eating this salad with a spoon. The rojak at Bellamy’s is not overpriced and you also have the option of adding on sotong (squid), which adds to the texture and flavour of the dish.

Surrounded by green trees and tucked away from busier roads, Rojak Bellamy makes a one of the best places to eat in KL and relax. On your way there, you and your family can travel in comfortably with your Mitsubishi Triton. The Air Circulator with first in class individual vents guarantees an even distribution of air circulation for passenger comfort.

Location: Jalan Bellamy, Bukit Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.

Traveller’s Tip: The peanut gravy is usually mixed with a bit of their famous sambal sotong (squid and chilli paste). You can opt for a bowl without it if you are not keen on the strong flavour.

4. Pudu Charcoal Fried Hokkien Mee

Image credit: Vkeong

Main delicacy: Hokkien Mee

The charcoal fried hokkien mee at this restaurant in Pudu, Kuala Lumpur still practices the old-school method of cooking the noodles in a wok over burning charcoal. Cooking over charcoal this way allows the wok to get to an even high heat that helps char (burn) the noodles perfectly. Don’t worry, you won’t be served burnt noodles, but perfectly fried noodles in thick and tasty black sauce. The restaurant’s method of using charcoal to cook adds a lovely, smoky flavour to this dish that will surely leave you with a happy stomach and a big smile. How could anyone argue that this is the place to eat in KL when you’re craving for something truly authentic and delicious.

Especially great to stop by here after a long day of shopping at KWC Kenanga Wholesale City. Keep all your shopping items in the spacious cargo bed of your Mitsubishi Triton while you enjoy your meal.

Location: 215, Jalan Sarawak, Pudu, City Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

Traveller’s Tip: This dish is usually cooked with pork lard, but there are some places with a halal version if you’d still like to taste this local delicacy.

5. Om Shakti Chelo’s Appam Stall

Image credit: Time Out

Main delicacy: Coconut Milk Appam

Here’s another traditional Indian dish that is a rare find amongst Kuala Lumpur’s local favourites. If you are looking for something sweet, the local coconut milk appam is a must-try! At Om Shakti Chelo’s appam stall, these fluffy Indian pancakes are slow cooked in mini appam pans till it gets crispy on the edges. It typically comes served with coconut milk that you can add to the soft, creamy centre for an extra sweet bite.

Location: Lorong Ara Kiri 3, Lucky Gardens, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Traveller’s Tip: If you have a sweet tooth, opt for the brown sugar variant that offers a caramelised kick with every bite.

Be sure to try some of our recommendations and don’t be put off by the long queues. Any food critic would tell you that a long queue indicates that the food is worth the wait.  It won’t just be a treat for your stomach, but an easy and comfortable drive around town in your Mitsubishi Triton. Get into your Mitsubishi Triton and head for the best places to eat in KL. Visit for more details.

5 Must-Eat Dishes in Terengganu


Posted on March 18, 2024

Terengganu might not be the most popular choice when you’re thinking of a holiday or an adventure, but those who skip this beautiful state are missing out. Terengganu holds many breathtaking surprises you should experience, including its unique and delicious cuisine.

When you’re there, here’s a list of Terengganu food you simply must try:

1. Nasi Dagang

Nasi dagang is known as the nasi lemak of the east coast and is a breakfast favourite. This Terengganu food is made from a mixture of white glutinous rice, steamed in coconut milk and served with fragrant tuna curry, pickled cucumber, and carrots.

While you’re on your way to get some delicious nasi dagang, you might encounter rugged terrains, lush rain forests, and mountainous landscapes. Any challenging conditions can be conquered with a push of button. Your Mitsubishi ASX’s 4WD Eco, 4WD Auto, and 4WD lock modes will allow you to enjoy seamless torque distribution.

2. Keropok Lekor

This Terengganu food is made from ground fish and formed into a sausage-like shape. Keropok lekor is either deep fried or boiled and is often served with a sweet chilli sauce. It’s a typical teatime snack for the locals and can be enjoyed with or without the sauce. Fair warning—it is highly addictive!

If you need to navigate around some tricky areas when you’re looking for keropok lekor, your Mitsubishi ASX’s best-in-class turning radius of 5.3 meters will help you manoeuvre your way through tight corners and narrow alleyways with ease.

3. Nasi Kerabu

Nasi kerabu consists of bright blue tinted rice, usually eaten with ulam, fried salted fish, fish crackers, and other garnishing. The rice is blue due to the petals of the butterfly pea flower or Clitoria ternatea (bunga telang in Malay). All the ingredients of this Terengganu food are made separately and then served together on one plate.

4. Sata

Terengganu has an abundance of fresh seafood, so there’s no surprise that sata is yet another delicious fish snack native to this Malaysian state. This Terengganu food is made from spiced fish, shallots, and ginger, pounded and mixed together. The mixture is then wrapped in a banana leaf and slowly grilled over hot coal. Finding some truly authentic sata is not easy outside of Terengganu, so whenever you visit, make sure to sample this fishy delight.

5. Nekbat

Nekbat is a sweet dessert made from rice flour and eggs. The ingredients are usually mixed and poured into moulds, covered with a lid and cooked until it’s spongy and cream in colour. Once it’s done cooking, the plain nekbat is boiled in sugary water for a few minutes to give it a sweet taste.

Hungry yet? Get your bags packed and prepare for a delightful journey that will fill your belly and leave your heart feeling warm with the best Terengganu food around town. Visit for more details.

Top 8 Golf Courses in Selangor


Posted on March 18, 2024

Malaysia has no shortage of great golf courses that have been around for years. Many of them have seen international championships and have numerous accolades to prove their excellence. Carefully designed by world-renowned architects and golf course designers, offering beginners and experienced golfers a run for their skill.

To make your choice easier, here’s a list of golf courses in Selangor for you to try. Get your golf clubs out of the closet and go enjoy yourself a good game of golf.

1. The Royal Selangor Golf Club

The Royal Selangor Golf Club has been established in 1893 and is one of the oldest golf clubs not just in Malaysia, but also Asia. The club has two 18-hole championship courses and a short 9-hole course. Its historic old course is at 6,742 yards and playing to a par-72, has seen many international tournaments. The new course is 6,605 yards, par-72 with plenty of fairway. All holes are accessible on foot with each of them offering a unique golfing experience and challenges. Golfers of different skill levels will enjoy their game at The Royal Selangor Golf Club will the multiple tees.

Apart from an exceptional golfing experience amongst its green fields, The Royal Selangor Golf Club offers many other things to do for its members and their families. Enjoy a swim in one of the club’s swimming pools, play some tennis our squash, get your daily workout in at the gymnasium, let the kids play at the games room or let them watch TV while you get some peace and quiet in the reading room. You and your family can also take part in group activities such as fitness exercises, martial arts, and social dancing. The club also has a Pro Shop, massage rooms for both men and ladies, changing rooms with sauna, children’s playroom, barber shop, ladies’ salon, and more.

Jalan Kelab Golf, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

2. Glenmarie Golf & Country Club

Established in 1993, Glenmarie Golf & Country Club is merely 13 km away from Kuala Lumpur’s city centre. The club has a 36-hole golf course, designed by Max Wexler, an American hand master. Glenmarie Golf & Country Club’s Garden Course is a resort course, while its Valley Course is meant for championships, making this club a great place for golfers of different backgrounds. The club also has Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie within its vicinity with great stay-and-play packages for its guests.

Glenmarie Golf & Country Club also has a Pro Shop, restaurants and banquet facilities, driving range, bunker shot, changing rooms, halfway hut, and putting green. The club’s sports and recreational centre offers group and individual lessons in a variety of sports in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.

3, Jalan Usahawan U1/8, Glenmarie Golf and Country Club, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.

3. Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Golf & Country Club

Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Golf & Country Club’s golf course was designed by Thompson Wolveridge and Associates, world-renowned golf course designers. With natural beauty of the lake, surrounded by trees and shrubs, the club’s scenery offers a breathtaking sight. The course has foothills and mounds with broad fairways but tricky greens, making it a challenge for golfers.

When you’re not swinging your golf club, you can stop by VIP suite and function rooms, viewing galleries, gymnasium, enjoy delicious meals offered at the F&B outlets, or go for a round of tennis, squash, or snooker at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Golf & Country Club’s Sports Centre.

You can also do some extra shopping at the Pro Shop. One more club or two won’t mean anything for your spacious Mitsubishi Outlander. Its best-in-class cargo space offers 1,608L of space at your disposal when 2nd and 3rd row seats are folded. If you’re golfing with your friends, their gear will fit in too.

No. 1, Rumah Kelab, Jalan Kelab Golf 13/6, Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor.

4. Kota Permai Golf & Country Club

Kota Permai Golf & Country Club has been open since 1998 and sports a challenging five-star international 18-hole course. This club is often the spot for tournaments such as the Maybank Malaysian Open and the Selangor Worldwide Masters. Kota Permai Golf & Country Club’s golf course will challenge your patience, course management, and skill.

Apart from golfing, you can enjoy playing tennis, squash, and badminton. The club also has a gymnasium, health centre, and two swimming pools, including an Olympic-sized pool. If you wish to relax, you can go to a spa pool, a sauna and steam bath, or get an aromatherapy massage. Those keen on joining group classes can sign up for yoga, Zumba, aikido, taekwondo, and wing chun.

1, Jalan 31/100a, Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor.

5. TPC Kuala Lumpur

TPC Kuala Lumpur can be found 8 km away from the city centre, surrounded by nature preserves that are home to unique species of fauna and flora. It is known as Asia’s ultimate destination for premier golf and country club experience. The club has a 36-hole courses that have seen many international championships such as CIMB Classic, Sime Darby, and the Maybank Malaysian Open. Originally opened in 1991, TPC Kuala Lumpur’s courses were redesigned by renowned international golf course architects Parslow & Winter Golf Design and reopened afterwards in 2008 and 2010 respectively.

Apart from having some of the best golf courses in Selangor, TPC Kuala Lumpur’s facilities include a fitness centre, wellness spa, table tennis, indoor yoga and golf course, florist, theatre and video games, swimming pool, squash court, bowling centre, and more. So you can be sure that the whole family will find what to do when not swinging their golf clubs.

10, Jalan 1/70 D, Bukit Kiara, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

6. Palm Garden Golf Club


Palm Garden Golf Club has a completely rebuilt and redesigned 18-hole course with buggy on course facilitation. It is the first premier public golf club that offers such facility. Its course was designed by Ted Parslow, surrounded by beautiful landscape. The course has undulating fairways, high lipped bunkers, and challenging greens to test your skill.

Palm Garden Golf Club’s facilities will allow you to play and unwind. Grab a meal while you enjoy a panoramic view, have a swim at the infinity pool, enjoy a hot sauna, get your workout in at the gymnasium, or go play some tennis instead. Store your golfing gear in your Mitsubishi Outlander in the meantime. With its Electronic Tailgate with Anti-Pinch Feature, you can open and close the tailgate at the convenience of a button.

Palm Garden Golf Club, Ioi Resort, 62050 Putrajaya, Selangor.

7. Saujana Golf & Country Club

Credit: Saujana Hotels

Saujana Golf & Country Club was founded in 1986 and has two 18-hole golf courses designed by world renowned Ronald Fream and surrounded by beautiful panoramic greenery. Its Palm Course is widely named as the toughest in the country with fast tricky greens, dramatic changes in elevation, and palm-lined tight fairways. That makes it one of the best golf courses in Selangor, ideal for those keen on challenging their golfing skills.

The club also has an Olympic-size swimming pool, outdoor floor-lit tennis courts, squash courts, a spa, fitness centre, and more. Finding your way there should be easy, especially with your Mitsubishi Outlander’s 7” Audio Display with Apple CarPlay that offers greater audio connectivity via its 7″ touchscreen. It will make your drive even more enjoyable.

Jalan Subang, U 2, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.

8. The Mines Resort & Golf Club

Credit: Golfscape

The Mines Resort & Golf Club’s golf course was designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. and is a masterpiece of environmental restoration. It is one of the best golf courses in Selangor due to award-winning layout, parkland-styled 6,966 yards with wide tree-lined fairways and well-contoured greens that have seen many championships.

The club building itself was designed by Veritas Architects in collaboration with world-renowned architect David Klages. And if want to hone your skills before stepping onto the golf course, there is a world-class practise range. The Mines Resort & Golf Club also has a Pro Shop and a beautiful spot for dining with local and western favourites on the menu.

Mines Wellness City, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

Ready for an exciting game of golf? Pack your golf clubs into your Mitsubishi Xpander and take your friends and family with you. With ample of things to do at these golf courses in Selangor, no one will be left bored. All your things and your passengers will fit into this spacious and striking 7-seater SUV. Visit for more details.

Top 8 Weekend Bazaars in Klang Valley


Posted on March 18, 2024


Beautiful antiques, handicrafts, art, clothes, shoes, toys, unique memorabilia, and more await you at the Malaysian weekend bazaars. Whether you’re looking for something specific or just want to browse around until you see something special, these bazaars will offer plenty of good deals, delicious meals, and a good time with your friends and family.

1. Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya

Credit: Sini My

You can’t go wrong with the weekend bazaar at the Amcorp Mall. Its flea market is one of the longest and biggest running bazaars in Klang Valley and has been ongoing every weekend since 1998. The stalls that fill up the mall every weekend, offer a huge choice of items. Ideal for vintage lovers, keen on finding some of the best collections of second-hand items such as trinkets, toys, and clothes. There are also several antique and specialty shops you can explore while you’re there.

Once you’re done with your shopping haul and ready to take your goodies home, it will be easy to load it all up into your Mitsubishi XPANDER. All you need to do is press a button to open and close the tailgate with the XPANDER’s Electronic Tailgate with Anti-Pinch Feature.

2. The Curve, Petaling Jaya

Credit: The Star

The street market at The Curve shopping mall has an open-air alley that gets filled with stalls of goodies every weekend. The vendors sell a wide variety of items from handicrafts, knick-knacks, and artwork, to accessories, clothes, and even musical instruments. Its location also makes it a nice place to enjoy a walk outside when you visit this weekend bazaar.

3. Seek & Keep Bazaar, Bangsar

Credit: Time Out

The Seek & Keep bazaar pops up at the Bangsar Shopping Centre and offers unique finds that are a bit more high-end compared to Amcorp Mall’s flea market. Don’t skip out on this weekend bazaar if you’re on the lookout for some great accessories, new outfits, cute gifts, art, home décor, and mouth-watering food. And if you’re taking your kids with you, there are plenty of fun activities for them to keep busy with.

4. ABC Market, Mont Kiara

Credit: Time Out

This weekend bazaar takes place at the fountain courtyard at Plaza Mont Kiara in Sri Hartamas. When you get there, park with ease and get your shopping started sooner with your Mitsubishi Outlander’s All-Round Monitor. This advanced feature uses multiple cameras around the vehicle to aid parking and manoeuvring, especially for blind spots. And you will surely not turn a blind eye to the great finds you can spot among the accessories, handicrafts, pre-loved goods, household items, cultural handicrafts, clothes, and many other things sold at this bazaar. The ABC Market is a great place to go to with your kids for its friendly and carnival-like atmosphere.

5. Subang Parade, Subang Jaya

Credit: Vulcan Post

The Subang Parade is a family-oriented weekend bazaar with a homely atmosphere. You can find goods ranging from clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, and vintage goods, to delicious homemade food. It might not have a wide array of items as other bazaars, but if you’re looking for specific items such as musical boxes or Sarawak layered cake, then this is the place to go.

6. Fuyoh Art Bazaar, Solaris Dutamas

Fuyoh Art Bazaar is ideal for artists and art lovers. You can find it on Art Row in Publika mall. Its stalls display an array of collectible toys, vinyl records, antiques, music memorabilia, and other vintage items. You can also snatch yourself some clay kitchenware, unique artworks, fashion accessories, homemade food, and more.

7. The Urban Yard, Puchong

The Urban Yard takes place outdoors at Setia Walk in Puchong and is one of a few bazaars held in this part of Klang Valley. This weekend bazaar has handmade items, shoes, bags, clothes, accessories, delicious desserts, and more. You can also grab a fresh cold pressed juice while you browse and get yourself some cute and fun items such as animal-themed pillows.

8. Pasar Karat, Shah Alam

Credit: Pasar Tani

Pasar Karat can be found at the parking area of Shah Alam stadium. It is also known by the names of Pasar Tani, Pasar Minggu, and Pasar Stadium. If you’re keen on some good deals, this weekend bazaar is for you. You can find everything here from household items, plants, antiques, toys, to delicious selections of food.

Your Mitsubishi Xpander’s ample cargo space will be helpful to take your newly acquired treasures home. Your Xpander gives you the option of carrying large loads effortlessly with 1,608 L of space at your disposal when 2nd and 3rd row seats are folded.

Excited to go shopping yet? Your Mitsubishi Xpander 7-seater Crossover will be your best friend on your weekend bazaar adventures, with plenty of room for your family and your items. Visit for more details.

Top 10 Family Glamping Retreats in Malaysia


Posted on March 18, 2024

Wedged among Malaysia’s rich rainforests and vibrant fauna, pockets of serene escapes offer the best of urban comfort and outdoor living.

If you and your family love balmy days and experiencing the great outdoors, but don’t want to compromise on the luxuries and comforts of modern civilisation (like plush beds and polished bathrooms), here are 10 family glamping retreats you can find in Malaysia.

1. Tiarasa Escape Glamping Resort in Janda Baik

Credit: Tiarasa Escapes

Immerse yourself in mountain mists and luxurious landscapes at Tiarasa Escapes, a unique creation by Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelin nestled in the foothills of Genting Highlands that offers an amazing family glamping experience. Having grown up reading Enid Blyton, Puan Sri Tiara captured childhood dreams in this gorgeously crafted, tribal-infused glamping resort — with Safari-inspired tented and treetop villas by the brook, arts and crafts, classic Malaysian games, wading pools, riverside picnic, bonfire, moonlight cinema, and more, that both kids and adults alike will enjoy.

Couple your nature-filled escapades with the Mitsubishi Outlander, the perfect 7-seater SUV to accommodate enough people and belongings, especially with its best-in-class cargo space, and you’ll get a rewarding and recharging staycation that the whole family will love.

2. Sekeping Serendah Retreat in Serendah, Selangor

The minimalist, open decor of Sekeping Serendah spans across their variety of tents, from the glass boxes to timber sheds to warehouses, and more. Furnishings are kept to a minimum, so you can soak in maximum dreamy daylight and verdant views while you’re on a family glamping trip. The biggest tent can accommodate up to 14 guests, and family-friendly outdoor activities include jungle trekking, fishing, and dipping in waterfalls. Nearby, Serendah Golf Course is great for a friendly match among golfing enthusiasts and budding golfers.

3. Japamala Resort @ Tioman Island

Perched on the hills of the pristine island of Tioman is Japamala Resort by Samadhi, a boutique resort that comes with a million-dollar view and a million things to do for nature-lovers of all ages. Enjoy activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, guided jungle trekking, and rock climbing.

The resort also boasts two swimming pools, a spa, and two dining places: Tamarind, a beachfront restaurant with Thai, Indo-Chinese, and Malay cuisine; and Mandi-Mandi, a pierside eatery with Italian-leaning international cuisine.The exclusive 13 private stinted wooden villas are each uniquely designed with private verandas to boot. It will be a family glamping trip to remember.

4. Chengal Hill Retreat in Bentung, Pahang

Get wrapped in the symphony of the outdoors and truly Malaysian countryside charm at Chengal Hill Retreat, inspired by traditional kampung homes. A range of accommodation types are available, from tents to chalets to Apache huts, and beyond. Some of them are made with chengal wood, carved and crafted in quintessentially Malay design and style. Ideal for family glamping, Chengal Hill Retreat has a safe children’s space with shallow water, barbecue pits, wading streams, nearby waterfalls and hiking trails, among many others.

Mitsubishi XPANDER’s powerful yet fuel-efficient MIVEC engine will get you to your destination with ease and help you save on fuel too, so you can get more mileage without having to give up performance.

5. Tadom Hill Resorts in Banting, Selangor

Credit: Agoda

Explore and enjoy over 40 acres of limestone hills, lakes, trees, and glorious areas at Tadom Hill Resorts, a bamboo resort that works closely with the Orang Asli Temuan of Kampung Bukit Tadom to give individuals and groups an exclusive and authentic taste of nature. The Orang Asli community and culture are deeply integrated into the family glamping experience, with many Orang Asli members being employees of the resort. Families can go for barbecues, bamboo raft building, ATV-touring, and discover all that Mother Nature has to offer.

6. Glamz at Genting

Credit: KL Pass

Less than half an hour away from Genting Highlands, Glamz @ Genting is a dome-style glamping site that is close enough to the main cities, but far enough for families enjoy the crisp outdoor air and wonders of nature. Glamz @ Genting has spacious and minimalist tents, clean bathrooms, and cosy lounging quarters paired with campsite activities including barbecue and stargazing. The almost-transparent domed walls allow you to feel like you are really a part of nature during a family glamping trip, and the modern additions like fairy lights and the jacuzzi in the VIP Dome Room certainly elevate the atmosphere.

7. The Sticks in Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor

Tucked away within Kuala Kubu Bharu’s rainforests, The Sticks is an off-the-grid eco-resort powered by solar energy, with water sourced from nearby Sungai Meranti (Meranti River) and mobile signal as well as WIFI being virtually non-existent. This resort is as environmentally sustainable as it is ultra-luxurious and beautifully designed, with lodgings thoughtfully and harmoniously carved into the natural landscape.

The Sticks is a true hideaway with rivers and streams to laze in, jungle trails to explore, and adventures like paragliding and white water rafting to try on a family glamping trip. A full-board retreat with exquisite jungle homes including their special tendoks (portmanteau of tent and pondok), as well as scrumptious home-cooked meals, The Sticks blends the best of rustic retreats and luxurious living.

8. Canopy Tribes in Kota Tinggi, Johor

Credit: Travelkliq

For an experience that leans more towards the authentic, true-to-life camping experience, Canopy Tribes is a campsite that lets you enjoy the outdoors in the open space, while still having access to the basic comforts of modern living like toilets and beds. There are waterfalls nearby, as well as barbecue and campfire pits available. On-site amenities aside, you and your family can go on mini road trips and drive to nearby outdoor attractions: have a picnic at Kota Tinggi Waterfall, see the glimmering fireflies at Firefly Valley Leisure Park, visit the Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm, hike the hills of Gunung Panti, or even spend a day at Desaru Beach.

Passengers of all ages will appreciate and enjoy the Mitsubishi Outlander’s in-car entertainment via the 7-inch audio touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay, which provides greater audio connectivity and makes way for more enjoyable drives. So not just your stay at Canopy Tribes will be a pleasure, but your journey there too.

9. Time Capsule Retreat in Sungai Lembing, Pahang

Credit: Ticket2u

With the beauty of the doors literally at your doorstep, Time Capsule Retreat is a simple and quiet retreat with enough space and privacy for grown-ups and children that will make for a great family glamping experience. Set amid the forest reserve, it’s the perfect laid-back and relaxed place for a family-fun nature retreat. Choose from three types of lodgings: the White Cottage house, the parallel series, or the capsule series depending on your preferences. Just a stone’s throw away are outdoor attractions including trekking trails, suspension bridges, the wondrous Rainbow Waterfalls for a magical dip in the water, and Bukit Panorama for an enchanting sunrise hike.

10. Templer Park Rainforest Retreat in Rawang, Selangor

The Templer Park Rainforest Retreat is a family’s paradise that sprawls across 3 acres, with hilltop accommodations just 60 metres from one another — the Villa, which can cater up to 16 people, and the Container, which can sleep up to 30 people — amid shrubs, evergreens, flowering plants, and friendly creatures like tropical birds that call the forest home. Soak in the 360° picturesque views of the Kanching Rainforest Reserve, have a dip in the infinity pool, or cook up a feast with barbecue pits, steamboat pots, gas stoves, and kitchen tools being made available for all guests. There is ample parking available, as well as viewing decks facing rolling mountains, a lake, and a golf course.

Whether it’s closer to an authentic camping experience or a more eco-luxury getaway, the family glamping options within Malaysia are as abundant as the natural wonders of this country. Rest assured that there is more than enough room to fit enough people and belongings for your next hideaway. Most of these areas are accessible by road, so your journey with the Mitsubishi Xpander will be just as delightful as the destination itself. Visit for more details.

Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Malaysia


Posted on March 18, 2024

Malaysia has ample of outdoor activities for those keen on trying something new or simply looking to quench their thirst for extreme adventure. Between the depths of the sea and the heights of clouds, there are many things for you to enjoy with your friends and family.

Here are the 10 adventurous outdoor activities in Malaysia that will satisfy your need for a rush of adrenaline.

1. Tandem Skydiving

Tandem skydiving is one of the best outdoor activities in Malaysia. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced skydiver, you will surely enjoy soaring through the Malaysian skies. One of the best places to go up in the sky is Langkawi Island, which is also the only location where you can skydive on a beach in the whole of Asia.

Most providers will give you all the equipment you need and even leave you with a video to remember your thrilling flight. Do remember that tandem skydiving is a seasonal activity and relies heavily on weather conditions.

2. Scuba Diving

Tropical beaches, endless corals, crystal clear water, friendly turtles, and even some shipwrecks await you on your scuba diving adventures in Malaysia. There are around 10 important diving sites suitable for beginners and professional divers. You can enjoy scuba diving all year round in most of the places, but generally April to December is the best time to go sightseeing underwater.

Enjoy watching the rich aquatic life on Sipadan Island, Mabul Island, Kapalai Island, Lankayan Island, Layang – Layang Island, Mataking Island, Pom Island, Sibuan Island, Redang Island, Leng Tengah Island, Tenggol Island, Tioman Island, Perhentian Island, and Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

3. Paragliding

Experience the thrills of paragliding with breathtaking sights from above. A paraglider does not use an engine, but you can still enjoy flights that last for hours and cover hundreds of kilometres. However, unless planned and agreed otherwise, expect to spend one to two hours in the air. There are many great places for paragliding in Malaysia. Some of the best are Bukit Jugra, Gunung Jerai, Bukit Bubus, Pedas, Bukit Kokol, Gunung Ledang, Kuala Kubu Bharu, and Ranau.

Wherever you choose to go, you can not only look forward to the adventure but the journey there in your Mitsubishi Triton. Your Triton’s Touchscreen Audio with Apple CarPlay and Android Ready will sync seamlessly with preferred entertainment system, equipped with user-friendly touchscreen interface. So get your phone connected, put on your favourite music, and enjoy the ride.

4. Parasailing

Parasailing is one of the most exciting outdoor activities you can enjoy in Malaysia in many resorts around the country. But the best place for this water sport adventure is Langkawi Island. If it’s your first time trying parasailing, prepare for a thrill that will be hard to describe in words. You will be lifted close to 500 feet above sea level and the whole parasailing trip should take around 30 minutes to complete.

5. Scuba Doo (Underwater Scooter)

If you wish to watch the sea creatures more comfortably than scuba diving allows, you can go around the beautiful Malaysian waters with an underwater scooter. The best place for this activity is Kota Kinabalu. You will be able to sit comfortably with your head inside a dome and breathe normally. The scuba doo can go down up to 10 meters under the sea. No experience or swimming skills needed for this underwater adventure. The underwater scooter rides will take you anywhere between 60 and 90 minutes.

6. White Water Rafting

Depending on your experience level, some of the best places to go for white water rafting are: Kampar river in Perak (for beginners), only a couple of hours way from Kuala Lumpur and Pangkor Island; Ulu Slim river in Perak (great for first timers), about 70 to 90 minutes away by car from Kuala Lumpur; Selangor river in Kuala Kubu Bharu (medium difficulty), only about an hour away from Kuala Lumpur, and Singoh river (highly difficult) in northern Perak, which less than 5 hours away from Kuala Lumpur. Most of these will take you one to three days to complete. Enjoy breathtaking views across the rivers when you take on rafting. It will be an experience you won’t forget.

Whichever challenge you choose, getting to your destination will be so much easier with your Mitsubishi Triton’s Off-Road Mode which integrally controls engine power, transmission, and braking to regulate the amount of wheel slip and maximise all-terrain performance. Doesn’t matter if you’re driving on gravel, sand, rock, or mud.

7. Snorkelling

Most islands in Malaysia are great for snorkelling, but some of the best places you shouldn’t miss out on are Coastline Terengganu, Tioman Island, Langkawi Pulau Payar Marine Park, and Perhentian Island. The best time to go snorkelling is just after the monsoon season. Watch colourful reefs right below the surfaces filled wish fish, sharks, and endangered varieties of sea turtles.

8. Microlight

Microlight is a powerful aircraft that can travel at the speed of 110 km per hour, so you can be sure that you will experience a thrill of a lifetime. Soar the skies like a bird and enjoy panoramic views at Sepang Gold Coast in Subang, Melaka, or Langkawi Island in Kedah. Approximate price ranges from RM180 onwards. Remember to capture some photos and videos when you’re up in the air.

The aircraft can carry up to 2 people and flies for at least an hour. Of course, availability is subject to weather conditions, so check the clouds before you go on this aerial adventure.

9. Hot Air Ballooning

If you’re keen on hot air ballooning, then Putrajaya is the place to go to. Putrajaya also has annual hot air balloon fiestas, but you can enjoy this activity at any other time of the year when the weather is right. A hot air balloon flight will take you around an hour on an average. You can go up in the air before the sunrise to take in a truly marvellous and majestic view.

Make sure to keep your smartphones charged as you will want to take as many photos and videos as you can. In case you forget to charge them overnight, your Mitsubishi Triton’s Rear Smartphone USB Chargers will help you stay powered and ready to capture Instagram-worthy shots.

10. Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is arguably one of the most thrilling activities. You’re just a jump away from a powerful adrenaline rush. One of the most well-known permanent places for bungee jumping is Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. You can jump from 22 meters above sea level, which is not too high, but it will still offer an exhilarating experience, especially for first timers. The actual jump only takes 5 to 6 seconds. It is also suitable for kids aged 10 and above, so you can take your little adrenaline seekers to try this as well!

Mitsubishi Triton will fit everything you need for your next thrilling adventure in its spacious cargo bed and take you anywhere you want to go, no matter how challenging the roads will be. With your favourite music on full blast, you will be charged up and ready to enjoy your trip. Visit for more details.

Top 7 National Parks for a Family Outing


Posted on March 18, 2024

There’s nothing like spending some time in nature. It’s a great way to recharge and escape the city buzz. Even better if you do it with your loved ones by your side.

Quality time spent exploring some of the most beautiful recreational parks in Malaysia will certainly do you good.

Here are some of the best recreational parks to visit on your next family outing:

1. Taman Negara National Park

Better be prepared when you go to the Taman Negara National Park as not only there is no shortage of things to do, but this national park spans across three states⁠—Pahang, Kelantan, and Terengganu. It’s a big place you will want to return to time and time again, each time experiencing something new.

You can take your family there for jungle and cave exploration, river cruises, beautiful waterfalls, fishing, scenic views, bird watching, overnight wildlife observation hide stays, and visiting the Orang Asli people. And if you need some refreshments, drop by Lia Restaurant for some roti canai and fresh juices, or Mama Chop—one of the most serene floating restaurants at the park—with a menu that stands out from the other places in the area.

The whole family and all your adventure necessities will fit into your 7-seater Mitsubishi Outlander SUV with ease, so you can enjoy the outing without worrying about space and comfort.

2. Endau-Rompin National Park

Endau-Rompin National Park is another great choice for an adventurous trip with your family. The park is in Johor and offers breathtaking sights of waterfalls, fan palm forest, translucent water of the blue lake, and is home to Orang Hulu people.

You will love this park if you’re into challenging hikes, because this is where you will find Johor’s second highest peak—Gunung Besar. The climb to the top will take effort, but you will be rewarded with a view you and your family will never forget! Pack up all your photography gear or travel light with only your smartphones. Remember to charge up your smartphones in any of the 2 USB slots available to you, so you don’t miss any great photo opportunity!

3. Gunung Ledang National Park

The Gunung Ledang National Park is named after a 1,276-meter-high mountain and is one of the most popular destinations for those keen on hiking and climbing. Reaching the top won’t take you very long—only half a day. It’s not going to be an easy climb, but the view is worth it.

If you prefer less challenging activities, you may always choose the Gunung Ledang National Park as your family picnic or camping destination. Or if you need to relax and cool off, head to the Puteri Waterfalls, which feature a bathing pool.

4. Royal Belum State Park

The Royal Belum State Park is in Perak and offers a variety of exciting activities and experiences for the whole family. Enjoy houseboat cruises on lake Temenggor surrounded by the lush rainforest, go on a fishing expedition, watch some birds, explore the nature reserve, go camping, or simply relax at the Belum Rainforest Resort.

Choose and pick, plan your trip, and expect to spend at least a full day at the Royal Belum State Park. Better yet, return many more times to make memories with your family that will last a lifetime.

5. Penang National Park

Penang National Park is surrounded with some of the best beaches, so if jungle trekking is not your cup of tea, you have the option to enjoy this park by taking a boat. The journey to Penang National Park is a long one, so connect your smartphone to Outlander’s 7” Apple CarPlay or Android Auto head unit, select your favourite app from Spotify, Apple Music or Google Music, turn up the volume and sing!

Once there, a must-visit to the Monkey Beach, Penang Turtle Sanctuary, Muka Head Lighthouse, Kerachut Beach, see a rare meromictic lake where sea and fresh water do not mix, and stay to watch the sunset. And if you wish to camp with your family, the Penang National park offers plenty of great camping grounds.

6. Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve

The Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve is in Perak and offers boat cruises, fishing village and coal factory sightseeing, chalet and floatel (floating hotel) stays, boardwalks, eagle feeding, and even dolphin watching. To get there simply connect your smartphone to Apple CarPlay or navigate via Waze with Android Auto and search “Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve”. When you’re there, the narrow road and parking can be a challenge, but Mitsubishi Outlander is equipped with All-Round Monitor to make parking and manoeuvring easier.

Enjoy fresh seafood around Matang town and learn new things as the Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve also offers educational sessions about the mangrove swamp and its importance.

7. Bukit Gasing Forest Reserve

The Bukit Gasing Forest Reserve is in Petaling Jaya and has many hiking trails to choose from. On your hikes there you will encounter a suspension bridge, watch tower, a river, and a Hindu temple.

It’s great for hike-loving families and you may even take your pets along to walk with you. The reserve offers many beautiful photo spots and sights of flora and fauna. There are some steep slopes in the park which are a great practise before taking on more challenging peaks elsewhere.

Ready To Go?

When the choice is made and the whole family is excited for the trip, pack your Mitsubishi Xpander and hit the road. Rest assured, it will be a fun and safe ride. Visit for more details.