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5 Must-Eat Dishes in Terengganu

Posted on March 18, 2024

Terengganu might not be the most popular choice when you’re thinking of a holiday or an adventure, but those who skip this beautiful state are missing out. Terengganu holds many breathtaking surprises you should experience, including its unique and delicious cuisine.

When you’re there, here’s a list of Terengganu food you simply must try:

1. Nasi Dagang

Nasi dagang is known as the nasi lemak of the east coast and is a breakfast favourite. This Terengganu food is made from a mixture of white glutinous rice, steamed in coconut milk and served with fragrant tuna curry, pickled cucumber, and carrots.

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2. Keropok Lekor

This Terengganu food is made from ground fish and formed into a sausage-like shape. Keropok lekor is either deep fried or boiled and is often served with a sweet chilli sauce. It’s a typical teatime snack for the locals and can be enjoyed with or without the sauce. Fair warning—it is highly addictive!

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3. Nasi Kerabu

Nasi kerabu consists of bright blue tinted rice, usually eaten with ulam, fried salted fish, fish crackers, and other garnishing. The rice is blue due to the petals of the butterfly pea flower or Clitoria ternatea (bunga telang in Malay). All the ingredients of this Terengganu food are made separately and then served together on one plate.

4. Sata

Terengganu has an abundance of fresh seafood, so there’s no surprise that sata is yet another delicious fish snack native to this Malaysian state. This Terengganu food is made from spiced fish, shallots, and ginger, pounded and mixed together. The mixture is then wrapped in a banana leaf and slowly grilled over hot coal. Finding some truly authentic sata is not easy outside of Terengganu, so whenever you visit, make sure to sample this fishy delight.

5. Nekbat

Nekbat is a sweet dessert made from rice flour and eggs. The ingredients are usually mixed and poured into moulds, covered with a lid and cooked until it’s spongy and cream in colour. Once it’s done cooking, the plain nekbat is boiled in sugary water for a few minutes to give it a sweet taste.

Hungry yet? Get your bags packed and prepare for a delightful journey that will fill your belly and leave your heart feeling warm with the best Terengganu food around town. Visit for more details.