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Corporate Sales Aftersales

Training & Activities

Our Mitsubishi Motors Corporate Training Modules provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of your vehicles from product information, vehicle maintenance to safety driving tips.

Company Introduction

  • Company Background
  • Sales & After Sales Network

Product Introduction

  • Types of Mitsubishi Vehicles
  • Technology Updates
  • Engine Performance
  • Transmission
  • Product Comparison
  • Features

Understanding Customer Needs

  • Usage of Vehicles
  • Budget Including Vehicles Purchase & Maintenance
  • Leasing Options

  • Type of Mitsubishi Vehicles
  • Introduction to Engines & Parts
  • Clutch & Transmission Systems
  • Braking & Safety Features
  • Suspension Systems

  • Maintenance Schedule
  • Lubrication System
  • Cooling System
  • Braking & Transmission System
  • Battery & Tire Specification
  • Alarm System
  • Warranty & Service Check List

Soft Skills and Driving Techniques Training by National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)*

  • Introduction and Legal Requirements
  • Commuting Accidents to Avoid
  • Safety & Defensive Driving
  • Vehicle Handling and Control
  • Emergency Management
  • Demonstration and Practical Session
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Inspection
  • Cadence Braking

Vehicle Evaluation Program (VEP)

Do you have any Mitsubishi vehicles which are Out-of-Warranty or over 5 years of usage? Are your maintenance expenses a burden to your operating costs?

With our Vehicle Evaluation Program (VEP), our experts will assist you in solving your vehicle issues and making your maintenance cost more cost effective. Plus, you can enjoy complimentary inspection, consultation and other benefits!

Free inspection for customers with Out of Warranty vehicles*

  • 30 points Check List

Professional consultation provided for:

  • Service & Repair
  • Replacement of Parts
  • Vehicle Resell Value

  • Free Vehicle Maintenance Training for your Drivers & Technicians
  • Fleet Parts Discounts
  • E-voucher Entitlement


Technical Support

We offer technical consultations including vehicle troubleshooting and service support.

Roadside Assistance & Insurance

We’ve got you covered with 24-hour road assistance and special Fleet Packages.

Parts Discount

As our Corporate Sales customers, you get to enjoy great discounts and offers.

10% Off

Oil Filter

5-Years Savings
Up to RM270/vehicle

10% Off

Cabin Filter

5-Years Savings
Up to RM307/vehicle

15% Off

Timing Belt & Bearing

5-Years Savings
Up to RM323/vehicle