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Mitsubishi Motorsports

Over 50 years, Mitsubishi Motors has been actively participating in motorsport events. By constantly pushing cars to the limit of their performances, Mitsubishi Motors continues its quest to prioritize driving pleasure and safety.

Along with the numerous victories and other achievements, the technologies developed and the know-how garnered through participation in motorsport is transferred into the development and building of production models, as well as supporting the development of next-generation technologies, which are ultimately implemented into the car you drive.



World Rally Championship

Mitsubishi’s innovative INVECS-III (Intelligent & Innovative Vehicle Electronic Control System) adapts transmission behavior to most driving conditions. Through advanced electronic programming, INVECS-III learns your driving habits and responds accordingly by altering shift points. The result is a car that knows how you like to drive and optimizes your experience behind the wheel.


Dakar Rally

From 1983 to 2009 with its main goal to test the durability of its 4WD technology and improve overall handling, Mitsubishi Motors won an impressive victory of 12 times, seven of them being consecutive.


Electric Vehicle Motorsports

Mitsubishi Motors is constantly exploring the potential for the next generation of EV mass-production technology, and is aiming to further build on its technology, focusing on high-dimensional integration of the motor drive and S-AWC system.

A new return after 12 years with the Mitsubishi RALLIART team, led by Mr Hiroshi Masuoka, the former two-time Dakar Rally Champion (2002 – 2003) as a Team Director. This race car was developed by incorporating the essence of Mitsubishi Motor-ness, encapsulating strength, durability, and advanced performance for all terrains. Additionally, the exterior design are based on the classic RALLIART, symbolizing the power, speed, and success of The Mitsubishi Brand.

Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR)​

The 27th Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR) is the BIGGEST and TOUGHEST rally in Asia. Designed to challenge unpredictable nature trails, this rally will put the participants’ driving skills, navigation, teamwork, as well as the durability of the four-wheel drive vehicle to the ultimate test. Team Mitsubishi Ralliart’s Triton finishes first place overall, after participating in the AXCR that ran from 21st till the 26th of November 2022 from Thailand to Cambodia, over a total distance of 1,524 km.


Team Mitsubishi Ralliart
TRITON Rally Car Endurance Test #1 (AXCR2022)

Team Mitsubishi Ralliart
Announces Team Lineup for AXCR 2022

Team Mitsubishi Ralliart
Message from Hiroshi Masuoka, Team Director

A one-of-a-kind XPANDER that stands out from the rest, developed and inspired by the Xpander AP4 to promote Mitsubishi Motors-ness in Malaysia. The Xpander AP4 is a proper rally-spec Xpander which was driven to success by Mitsubishi Motors rally driver, Rifat Sungkar.

Xpander never fails to impress with its versatility. Not only as a stylish family car, but also as a sleek and bold crossover with a motorsports theme

XPANDER Motorsports - Special project inspired by AP4 Rally Car