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Corporate Social Responsibilities

Giving back to the community

As an automotive company, we have always known that success isn’t solely measured by the vehicles we produce, but also by the lives we enhance along the way. As such, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia stays committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities by utilising its innovative strength for the greater improvement of society, the environment, and ultimately, the world.



Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia together with Triton Tuners Club Malaysia (TTCM) and MMM's Authorized Dealers Eon Auto Mart and Sing Kwung Jidosha recently planted 100 trees in Stesen Penyelidikan FRIM Selandar, Melaka

As part of MMM’s CSR program and mission- ‘Inspiring Lives Today for A Greater Tomorrow’, the company is pleased to raise awareness of a responsible and proactive society that understands the importance of having a green environment. The program also aims at promoting and educating the importance of green and its benefits for sustainable living.

The Mitsubishi e-Heroes program aims to promote Electric Vehicle awareness and eco-friendly practices towards a greener earth among young Malaysians. Mitsubishi eHeroes encompasses all- Electric, Energy, Environment and Earth.

Since 2012, Mitsubishi Motors have worked with several partners such as Petrosains and KidZania by offering electric car fun rides to children to promote awareness on ways how they can play their part to create an eco-friendlier future. To date, the Mitsubishi eHeroes program has benefitted over 106,000 kids.

In March 2017, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia contributed a Mitsubishi Triton 4x4 Pick-up Truck to the Sarawak Forestry in support of Orangutan and Wildlife conservation. Known for various gruelling off-road events, the Triton will be assisting SARAWAK FORESTRY in their rescue adventures, no matter the terrain.

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia’s CEO, Tomoyuki Shinnishi in his address at the event said, “Mitsubishi Motors is proud to assist and support SARAWAK FORESTRY, an organisation that devotes its’ time for a good cause. We acknowledge their efforts in rescuing wildlife of various species which are brought in to Matang Wildlife Centre for rehabilitation purposes.”

By rescuing and protecting endangered wildlife, Mitsubishi Motors has taken another step towards their goal: utilise the company’s innovative strength for the greater improvement of a sustainable future.



Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia donated high-power solar systems to enable access to solar energy in the Orang Asli’s shared community space or commonly known as their Rumah Adat.

The donation was done through Global Peace Foundation, a non-profit organization (NGO) with a mission to build resilient and cohesive Orang Asli communities.

Lack of access to grid electricity in Orang Asli’s houses and community spaces brings health risks, expensive energy expenses, and environmental impact. To have light after dark, bonfires are frequently created by burning dried palm fruits which generate a lot of smoke that causes cough and watery eyes among the villagers, especially children.

Mitsubishi Motors vehicles in Malaysia, donated a Triton 4×4 pick-up truck to Dignity Farm School, a one-stop holistic and community learning center for the underprivileged urban poor. The farm school is located in Bentong, Pahang.

The Triton 4×4 pick-up truck was handed over in the first week of October by Chief Executive Officer of MMM, Tomoyuki Shinnishi. It will be used for the farm’s daily operations, and to commute the Orang Asli to schools where they are given transformative youth education programs grounded in community building, natural agriculture, and skills development.

Mitsubishi Motors vehicles in Malaysia, is stepping up to the plate again to do its part to support various COVID-19 aid efforts as Malaysia continues its fight against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company today loaned three Mitsubishi vehicles and donated RM20, 000 to Mercy Malaysia to purchase 400 units of Tyvek suites for frontliners which was distributed to three COVID-19 Assessment Centres (CAC) in Stadium Melawati, Stadium Jugra, and Klinik Kesihatan Gombak Setia. Mitsubishi Motors also purchased RM43, 000 worth of items needed for a CAC in Hulu Langat.

Mitsubishi Motors vehicles in Malaysia, contributed a Triton 4×4 pick-up truck to INSAF Malaysia, a non-profit organization (NGO) carrying out humanitarian efforts. The Triton will be used to run several programs under INSAF Malaysia’s belt especially to help transport abundance of food items for those that have been victims of poverty and natural disasters.

Some of the NGO’s program include distribution of food bank, lunch box and rice bags to orphanages and welfare homes respectively, as well as ‘Meals on Wheels’ where food are distributed to old folks who have been abandoned or lives alone. The NGO also builds shelter homes for those that have been hit by natural disasters and is in dire need for a roof above their heads.

Mitsubishi Motors vehicles in Malaysia, made a cash donation of RM35,000 to First International Soccer Academy Malaysia (FISA) and donated laptops to Pertubuhan Kebajikan Yesuwin Mahligai Selangor (PKYMS) and the Arthritis Foundation Malaysia (AFM) recently. The company aims to support FISA’s efforts towards the betterment of children particularly coming from the B40 family and to stop teens’ involvement in social issues.

“We recognized FISA’s efforts in working towards the betterment of young children and to put a stop towards their involvement in social issues. In line with boosting the country’s economic growth for the underprivileged family, we hope that our contribution for the academy may continue to assist them to develop these children’s competencies and to provide them with the opportunities to excel and lead a better life,” said Tomoyuki Shinnishi, Chief Executive Officer of MMM.

In 2015, we pledged RM10 to charity for every vehicle sold. In 2016, we continued our CSR initiative by helping out underprivileged children in several Rumah Amals in Klang Valley.

MMM contributed living necessities such as beds, mattresses and, cooking ingredients to a total of five Rumah Amals. To help ensure their sustainability in the long term, we handed additional donation cheque to each Rumah Amal, too.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for making this happen. People like you are the ones that make giving back possible. Thank you!