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Fun Weekend Workshop in Petaling Jaya

Posted on January 23, 2024
Weekends can be spent exploring your creative side and learning something new. Petaling Jaya is a vibrant township that has a lot to offer, including fun art classes that may unleash your hidden talents. Now start inviting your buddies hop on to your Mitsubishi Xpander and discover your new passions with at these places that have an abundance of art classes and workshops to choose from:

1. Craft at No.7

Image credit: Craft at No.7 

Make your way to Petaling Jaya, Sea Park where Craft at No.7 is located. Your buddies can bask in the warmth of the morning sunlight through the panoramic glass roof.

Once there, enjoy the wide range of art classes at beginner and more advanced levels. Craft at No.7 is run by artists who will teach you how to create your own masterpieces.

Some of the courses you can try are metalsmithing, resin coaster and jewellery making, silkscreen printing on fabric and paper. On top of learning something new, you will also get to enjoy some light refreshments and meet new people.


2. Craftiviti

Image credit: Craftiviti

Some of the art classes and workshops that Craftiviti offers are botanical resin jewellery making, DIY natural skincare products, duo colours and colour changing lipstick, and line drawing.

Craftiviti is also an online and retail store specialising in crafts. Should you decide to continue your creative journey, all the tools and ingredients for your next project can be found right here.


3. Clay Expression

Image credit: Clay Expression 

Clay Expression workshops are all about learning ancient pottery-making techniques involving hands and simple tools. Hand building and wheel throwing workshops will teach you how to turn your ideas into reality.

If you’re looking for a true hands-on experience with clay, exciting themes, and want to take on some challenges, check out the special workshops offered here. All classes are inclusive of materials. And once you’re done, fit all your creations and other things neatly into the rear seatback of your car. The Mitsubishi Xpander has a 60:40 Split Foldable Rear Seatback that can be folded down completely flat or partially folded down to give you more cargo space.


4. The Weekend Workshop

Image credit: The Weekend Workshop

The Weekend Workshop offers a variety of art classes and courses you can take, with lunch and materials provided.

Try out unicorn layer cake baking, acrylic painting, cupcake baking, floral embroidery, traditional Chinese ink painting, and more. Depending on the classes, you can also bring your creations and the take-home kits or other goodies home.


5. A Space To ___.

Image credit: A Space To ___.

A Space To ___. has art classes and workshops on fashion illustration, watercolour painting, petite Korean style bouquet making, Korean jewellery making, chocolate making, personalised perfume making, and more.

Light refreshments, free-flowing coffee, and other fun stuff are often part of the deal. You can enjoy the classes alone, with your family, or friends. Rest assured, it will be a time well spent.


6. MTMT Studios

Image credit: MTMT Studios

MTMT Studios has a delightful selection of workshops from pouring art class, signature shoe tie dye and tipsy painting, to 3D jelly art, DIY resin earring with preserved flowers and perfume making.

All tools and materials are included, and light refreshments are provided as well. The workshop choices are great for beginners and more experienced creators. Located opposite Ming Tien Food Court, making parking tight, but with class leading turning radius of 5.3 meters and reverse parking camera of Mitsubishi Xpander, getting in and out should be easy.


Get inspired and let your creativity blossom

Choose a destination and embark on a creative weekend adventure. Wherever you decide to go, Mitsubishi Xpander will take you there with ease and carry all the things you need. Visit for more details.