Triton Quest

FROM RM 87,390.00*

For absolute, powerful control and unmatched safety

A pickup truck with cutting edge design that has everything you need to make driving easier, powerful, durable, exceptional in handling heavy loads for work and versatile enough to be used anywhere.

Like an unstoppable force, the Triton Quest is the pickup truck with enough power to carry heavy loads and go about your daily business.


With 110 PS MAX POWER and 200 Nm MAX TORQUE, its turbocharged diesel engine delivers greater power, acceleration and efficiency, giving you the perfect truck for all your needs.

The Triton Quest is engineered to help you exercise control confidently while driving. Its aerodynamic design and improved chassis give you better stability, durability and traction. This is what makes Triton Quest one of the best working companions you can rely on.

Strong Chassis

The strong frame and aerodynamic design provide solid handling, excellent stability and better traction. Improvements to the chassis result in fewer body-rolls, increased rigidity and greater durability.

Best-in-class Turning Radius of 5.7M

Exceptional manoeuvrability, making it easier to drive and manoeuvre through tight spaces.

Suspension System

The robust suspension system of the Triton Quest is made for heavy loads and precise handling, ensuring a smooth and stable ride every time.

The Mitsubishi Triton Quest is a pickup truck with an indomitable strength to transport large load capacities effortlessly, and you can do it all with a peace of mind — all thanks to the safety features incorporated into the model design.

Seatbelts with Pretensioners and Force Limiters

Pretensioners restrain the driver and front passenger firmly on their seats during the deployment of airbags to minimise crash force in the event of a collision.

ABS with EBD

ABS maintains manoeuvrability around obstacles under heavy braking while EBD distributes brake-force to reduce stopping distance

Rise Body

The Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution body consists of crumple zones that safely dissipate collision impact.

Dual SRS Airbags

Protects the driver and front passenger by absorbing the force of impact in the event of a frontal collision.

ETACS-Electronic Time and Alarm Control System

This brainy part of the Triton Quest keeps your mind at ease from daily concerns like turning off headlights to locking doors when you’re no longer in the car.

Maximising space by design

Every part of the Triton Quest is designed to serve a purpose. With the Triton Quest, expect more comfortable and smoother journeys.

Get the most out of your rides with Triton Quest’s useful and convenient features.

Secret Storage

Easy-to-reach yet far from prying eyes, the secret storage behind the rear seat also contains a jack and a toolkit.

Multi-information Display

Spacious cabin with a multi-information display that gives you vital information about your truck.

There is always room for more when riding the Triton Quest. With a 1,520mm long and 1,470mm wide cargo bed, transporting your goods becomes less of a hassle.

Large Cargo Bed

The functional J-Line gives more room and comfort for rear passengers while retaining a spacious cargo space.

Load Capacity and Easy Loading

Provides all the space you need with a massive load capacity of up to 970kg*. Its perfect distance from the ground to tailgate makes it easy for loading.


*Load capacity is including passengers and cargo.


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*Note: Some of the equipment may vary in appearance or availability according to the market. Please consult your local Mitsubishi Motors dealer for more information

  1. Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia reserves the right to alter any details of specifications and equipment without prior notice.
  2. Details of specifications and equipment are also subject to change to suit local conditions and requirements.
  3. Vehicle and specifications may vary from models available locally. Vehicle body and accessory colors may differ slightly from illustrations.

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