What is TestDrive2U?

Test Drive to you is where Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia offers you the ability to have your test drive delivered to you at your home, office or anywhere you need!


How do I request for a TestDrive2U?

Simply fill in the TestDrive2U form by entering your preferred Test Drive location, date & time; and we will suggest a dealer nearest to your location. Upon mutual agreement with the respective Sales Consultant, test drive will be delivered to your location.


Is TestDrive2U available nationwide?

Yes, TestDrive2U is available nationwide, across Mainland and East Malaysia.


Does my distance from a showroom affect my eligibility for this service?

Customers can request for TestDrive2U services at locations within acceptable distance, though acceptance of requests from further distances will depend on the arrangement with each dealership. Please feel free to speak to our friendly Sales consultants for more information.


Who is picking me up for my test drive? 

A certified Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia Dealer Sales Consultant will be picking you up for your test drive. Please ensure you have a valid driver’s license with you for the test drive.


Are all the vehicle models available for test drive?

The availability of each vehicle model for test drive is subject to the particular showroom or dealership selected. Please feel free to speak to our friendly Sales consultants for more information.


Will I be charged for the test drive?

TestDrive2U is provided without Free of Charge.


Is TestDrive2U services offered at any time of the day?

Bookings for TestDrive2U can be made at any reasonable point of time, however for arrangements for test drives can be made with the Sales Consultants as timing may differ by dealerships.


What if I am unable to reach/ contact the dealer?

Please email us at contactus@mitsubishi-motors.com.my and we will reply you as soon as we can.


Should you have any enquiries during this period, please email them to us at contactus@mitsubishi-motors.com.my and our helpful Customer Service team will respond as quickly as possible.