what defines an SUV

SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) is a classification of vehicles with features like high ground clearance and four-wheel drive. The structure of sport utility vehicles are usually tall, and they often have big wheels that give the extra height. While the majority of them are four-wheel-drive vehicles, it is not always the case in recent times.

Although the SUV was initially designed for rugged use during the Second World War, today it is a form of vehicle that anyone can choose to drive; not only for off-road purposes but also for everyday city driving on tarmac roads.

Built and made for the drive

Most people are aware of the powerful engines and excellent off-road ability a sports utility vehicle has, but it is not just for active people wanting to escape the city roads. These days, they are both suitable for urban landscape and off-road journeys. If you are a city dweller who loves the occasional camping trip in the wilds, driving an SUV is going to be your best mode of transportation. Thanks to its high ground clearance, an SUV goes through uneven terrains and effortlessly.

Besides their off-road abilities, SUVs are also known for their spacious cargo, which not only means a comfortable ride, but it also makes carrying tons of equipment easy. The advantage of a large interior is also the reason why SUVs are gaining popularity among bigger families that prioritise comfort and space for weekend activities or long road trips.

Mitsubishi SUV Range: always ready for adventure

Whether you have a family of five or a person that enjoys a retreat back to nature during the weekends, there is a Mitsubishi SUV that is waiting for you to go on an adventure. Our SUVs are designed with performance and safety in mind to ensure that you will have a smooth-sailing journey to your destination and back.

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia has a range of SUVs that can accompany you and make the best out of your journeys. If you have a big-sized family, not only will the spacious seven-seater Outlander allows you to transport your friends and family comfortably, but also your baggage with its generous cabin and luggage space.