Breakdown Assistance

We’ve got you covered with 24-hour road assistance and special Fleet Packages.

Technical Support

We offer technical consultations including vehicle troubleshooting and service support.

Fleet Parts Discount

As our Fleet customers, you get to enjoy great discounts and offers.

*Terms & Condition apply, subject to fleet size and vehicle type.

* Subject to fleet size, vehicle type and T&C

Trainings & Activities

Our training modules provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of your vehicles from product information, vehicle maintenance to safety driving tips.

Company Introduction

  • Company Background
  • Sales & After Sales Network

Product Introduction

  • Types of Mitsubishi Vehicles
  • Technology Updates
  • Engine Performance
  • Transmission
  • Product Comparison
  • Features

Understanding Customer Needs

  • Usage of Vehicles
  • Budget Including Vehicles Purchase & Maintenance
  • Leasing Options

Introduction to Basic Automotive Knowledge

  • Type of Mitsubishi Vehicles
  • Introduction to Engines & Parts
  • Clutch & Transmission Systems
  • Braking & Safety Features
  • Suspension Systems

Knowledge on Vehicle Maintenance

  • Maintenance Schedule
  • Lubrication System
  • Cooling System
  • Braking & Transmission System
  • Battery & Tire Specification
  • Alarm System
  • Warranty & Service Check List

Soft Skills and Driving Techniques Training by National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)*

  • Introduction and Legal Requirements
  • Commuting Accidents to Avoid
  • Safety & Defensive Driving
  • Vehicle Handling and Control
  • Emergency Management
  • Demonstration and Practical Session
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Inspection
  • Cadence Braking

*Certification Provided.

Off-Road Safety Driving

The Triton is powered by 2.4-litre MIVEC turbodiesel engine, which produces 181 PS max power and 430 Nm max torque with Variable Valve Timing technology for driving control, the Triton is fitted with Super Select 4WD II & Easy Select with off-road mode for optimum traction and handling characteristics in any given terrain.

Triton also comes with Hill Descent Control(HDC) where the vehicle speed is electronically controlled while it is in a descent mode.

From that, we offer your user/driver to come and join our training event

  • To emphasize driving experience in off-road
  • To educate user on vehicle usage to reduce damage cost & longer lifespan
  • To have more exposure on Mitsubishi product


  1. To those customer who has purchased more than 30 units and above under company registration
  2. Vehicle purchased must be 4×4 to be use in both on road & off-road during operation
  3. Subject to slot availability & Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia approval

Event Schedule

No State District Date Venue Remarks
1 Terengganu Kemaman 06-Sep-22 Off-road track, Pantai Teluk Mak Nik (Monica Bay) SUBMIT INQUIRY
2 Sarawak Miri 20-Oct-22 Off-road track, Tudan, Miri SUBMIT INQUIRY
3 Sabah Kota Kinabalu 10-Nov-22 Off-road track, Kg Terian, Kota Kinabalu SUBMIT INQUIRY
4 Selangor Dengkil 09-Feb-23 Off-road track, Bukit Damar SUBMIT INQUIRY

No: 1

State: Terengganu

District: Kemaman

Date: 06-Sep-22

Venue: Off-road track, Pantai Teluk Mak Nik (Monica Bay)


No: 2

State: Sarawak

District: Miri

Date: 20-Oct-22

Venue: Off-road track, Tudan, Miri


No: 3

State: Sabah

District: Kota Kinabalu

Date: 10-Nov-22

Venue: Off-road track, Kg Terian, Kota Kinabalu


No: 4

State: Selangor

District: Dengkil

Date: 09-Feb-23

Venue: Off-road track, Bukit Damar


Vehicle Evaluation Program (VEP)

Do you have any Mitsubishi vehicles which are Out-of-Warranty or over 5 years of usage? Are your maintenance expenses a burden to your operating costs?

With our Vehicle Evaluation Program (VEP), our experts will assist you in solving your vehicle issues and making your maintenance cost more cost effective. Plus, you can enjoy complimentary inspection, consultation and other benefits!

*Terms & Conditions Apply.

Free Inspection

Free inspection for customers with Out of Warranty vehicles*

  • 30 points Check List

*Terms & Conditions Apply.

Free Consultation

Free consultation by professionals on:

  1. Service & Repair
  2. Replacement of Parts
  3. Vehicle Resell Value

Customer Benefits

Enjoy exclusive benefits as follows:

  1. Free Vehicle Maintenance Training for your Drivers & Technicians
  2. Fleet Parts Discounts
  3. E-voucher Entitlement

*Terms & Conditions Apply.