pickup truck

From Work to Play

When it was first introduced, pickup trucks appealed to drivers as a work vehicle. A sturdy 4WD assures stability and traction with its well-built exterior and aerodynamically-contoured frame. This makes for a firm handling and smooth driving experience for users in rough surroundings.

The pickup truck has evolved from its, work-heavy origins. These days, it’s not just reserved for intensive, labour-heavy work. More and more drivers of this tough beast of a vehicle are your regular, everyday users — those with active and adventurous lifestyles. Think outdoor activities for when you need to get away from the city, or long drives out on the open road, with all the wide open space you need for your journey.

Either with friends or family, with the pickup truck, your drive will be of one with comfort and adventure. The cargo space at the back teems with possibilities ranging from camping trips to picnics, making the pickup truck one of the best versatile choices for your daring, carefree lifestyle.

When You Need to Be Tougher Than Tough

Pickup trucks are meant to go beyond tough. It gives you a better grip on your vehicle with robust handling of the toughest terrains because you may not have control of the road you’re on, but what you have complete control of is your vehicle.

With convenient off-road mode features, pickup trucks let you conquer various challenging environments including mud, sand, and rock, by improving traction. Pickup trucks let you maintain control over your vehicle even as you go downhill better while your current speed remains the same with a hill descent control system.

When buying a pickup truck, it’s good to consider the intended usage of the vehicle. This will determine all the other aspects that come into play such as the cargo space capacity, engine size, as well as whether you should get a 4WD or 2WD.

Work Hard, Play Hard with Mitsubishi Pickup Trucks

Mitsubishi’s fleet of pickup trucks has come a long way. With over 40 years of evolution — we’re more durable and reliable as ever. One of our unrivalled models, the Mitsubishi Triton comes with the newly-revamped 4N15 2.4 litre MIVEC turbo diesel engine, and a six-speed automatic transmission for a comfortable experience behind the wheel.

Living adventurously doesn’t mean a compromise on your safety. If anything, it should mean more solid safety features. Our pickup trucks come with a Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) vehicle frame, collision safety performance is enhanced with greater energy absorption whilst maintaining high cabin integrity. Generous use of high tensile strength steel plates keeps it sturdy and lightweight which helps to keep a high level of safety during a collision.

With a strong, dynamic frame, Mitsubishi Triton is the perfect combination of sporty and stylish meant to take on any challenge presented by the open road. Whatever toughness the exterior exudes, the interior complements it by way of comfort. Seating areas are fitted with double-stitched soft padding for a lush but sleek feel — because driving a pickup truck doesn’t mean you should forgo the little luxuries.