The Mitsubishi Connect MY is a mobile application exclusively for Mitsubishi owners in Malaysia. By downloading this mobile app, Mitsubishi owners will be able to retrieve important information at their fingertips no matter when and where they may be.

Currently, the Mitsubishi Connect MY application provides you with the following features: book a new service appointment (under book), check for latest news and promotions (under info), request for SOS response (under SOS) and locate MMM outlets (under outlets).

All Mitsubishi car owners will be able to register and use the app to book service appointment, check the latest news & promotions, search for outlet locations, and make a SOS call. For Existing/New owner: You should be able to register and use the app immediately. If you are having problems relating to the mobile app or with the sign up, kindly contact our App support hotline: 03-7804 0260. As for New Secondary purchase owner: Your data may not be reflected yet hence kindly contact our customer service hotline to proceed with the change of ownership.


The app is available on the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore. To download, go to the respective app stores and search for Mitsubishi Connect MY.

You can transfer Mitsubishi Connect MY by installing the app on another phone and uninstalling it on the current phone. You can immediately log in and use the app as your data is kept securely.

The app will require about 35-40MB to install and the size may extend overtime.


We support Apple iPhones, iPads and Android phones. Even iPhones and iPads with the two latest major versions (iOS 12,13) and Android Phones with the three latest major versions (Android 8,9,10). For phones with older OS versions, you are encouraged to still install and use the app.

Yes. The app requires internet connectivity while some screens requires GPS permission to make full use of.

Normal usage will not cause you more than 10MB in a month (moderate browsing of news, promotions and brochures).

Launch the app and tap on “sign up”, fill in the brief amount of details required, verify your phone number with OTP and you are good to go!

Once you are done with the registration, you will be able to use your customer id (typically your IC No or Business Registration No) along with the password setup during Sign Up to log in.

From the log in screen you are able to reset your password by tapping on “forget password”. Please do keep your password recorded in a safe place.

The terms and conditions and PDPA policy are presented and have to be agreed to during registration.


Swipe left until you see “+add car”. Tap on it to add more than one vehicle into the app for better management.

First tap on the car image then tap on the car icon on the top right corner, you will see the remove button at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the button to remove the vehicle from the app.

Tap on the car image or “manage car” from the main screen, you will be able to see 3 tabs – upcoming booking, booking history and service history. Tap on service history to retrieve the list of services performed at authorized service centers. Tap on the inidividual item to retrieve the service details.

Once the information of the new owner has been updated you will no longer be able to use the app, until you buy another Mitsubishi vehicle.


The data transferred from the app is encrypted and secured. We adhere to strigent MNC security compliance.

The access is protected by a password verified on your mobile number.

Your information is protected by the password you set during registration. Your account is tied to the phone number you verify the OTP on.


Tap on “book” on the bottom navigation bar. Alternatively, you can access the service appointment booking screen from “outlets” and under “manage car”

Right now you can only have one outstanding appointment at one time.

Under “manage car” you will be able to see the next service mileage for each of your vehicle and the suggested next service timing for your kind reference.

Once you have submitted a booking, our dealer customer relation executive will review and confirm your booking within 24 hours. If we are able to identify a better slot, we will call you back for confirmation.

Not at the moment, but this will be the immediate next feature that we are going to provide.

This will be the immediate next feature we are going to provide.

Under “upcoming appointment” from “manage car” you are able to see your upcoming booking. Tap on the entry and you will be able to see the booking details. At the bottom of the screen, there are “cancel” and “reschedule” buttons to cancel or reschedule your current booking.

You can only have one booking at one time for now. If you do not have a booking already and are encoutering persistent problem kindly call 03-7804 0260 or email “MyMisubishiConnectApp@gmail.com”.


Navigate to “info” from the bottom bar to access latest news and promotions, car brochures and FAQ


Navigate to “SOS” from the bottom bar to trigger an SOS request. Kindly make sure your GPS is switched on to help us locate you much easier.

In the case of breakdown in a poor coverage area please walk to an area with good coverage (e.g.: from basement to above ground) and tap the SOS button again.

We provide emergency and breakdown response to all our app users such as Free Towing Service, Free Roadside Assistance, Free Battery Delivery Service, Emergency Petrol and Diesel Delivery, Free Emergency Message Transmission and Free Emergency Evacuation Assistance. (Cost of Battery, Parts, Petrol and Diesel to be bare by Customers.)


Please restart the app again and try to perform the intended action. If problem persists kindly email “MyMitsubishiConnectApp@gmail.com” or call our app support hotline 03-7804 0260.


Firstly please ensure the GPS connectivity is ON, restart the app again and try to perform the intended action. If problem persists kindly email “MyMitsubishiConnectApp@gmail.com” or call our app support hotline 03-7804 0260.

We use GPS location to give you the best experience in a few areas: estimating outlets distance to you, help you navigate to the respective outlets and getting emergency response to your location quickly. If you do not allow the access to GPS we will not be able to provide you with these benefits.

The app shouldn’t take more than 5 mins in normal condition. If it takes longer than that, kindly check your network and try to download again.

At this moment, this app does not support audio connectivity.