Manage your vehicles anywhere at anytime with MFleet

Increase business productivity by efficiently managing your fleet with MFleet system, the 1st Fleet Management System in Malaysia that allows you to track and monitor your vehicles in real-time, as well as plan and optimize routes to reduce cost and time.

What can MFleet do?

Fleet Management System
Fleet Management System
Fleet Management System

Features to optimise your
business fleet management

Introduction to MFleet

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FAQ About MFleet

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MFleet offers Fleet Management in the palm of your hand. From assisting fleet owners and drivers with convenient features to information on all things related to Mitsubishi Fleet Customers, it also presents an easy-to-use user interface built for your smartphone.

The MFleet website is mainly for administrators and fleet managers while MFleet application is for drivers and fleet managers.

Fleet managers and drivers.


Schedule a Service Appointment
Scheduling a service appointment for your Mitsubishi is now as easy as a simple tap.

Inspection Checklist
Keep track of your vehicle health. Inspect and update your Fleet Manager in real-time.

Update Refuelling Activities
Refuel, snap a photo of the receipt, and upload it with just a few taps.

SOS button
Tap to get help with the Mitsubishi Assist 24-hour breakdown and emergency assistance.



Fleet Vehicle Listing
Get an overview of all vehicles in a single app.

Vehicle Issue Tracking
Get notified about any vehicle issue, and directly book to schedule your service appointment.



To register a driver, login as a Fleet Manager on the MFleet website. Go to the Driver menu and click the Add button in the top right corner.

For Fleet Managers using the MFleet website, go to www.mfleet.pomen.io and login using your registered email and password. For Drivers and Fleet Managers using the MFleet application, login using your registered email and password.

Users can change their passwords by accessing their Profile in the menu, located on the top right on both the website and application.



Go to Request, then fill in the request form.

Only Fleet Managers can edit requests after they have been made.

Yes, a request can be made multiple time for a single vehicle.


Navigate the SOS menu from the bottom bar to trigger an SOS request.

We provide emergency and breakdown responses from MA24 to all our app users. These include Free Towing Service, Free Roadside Assistance, Free Battery Delivery Service, Emergency Petrol and Diesel Delivery, Free Emergency Message Transmission and Free Emergency Evacuation Assistance.


Please restart the app again and try to perform the intended action.