Family Car

More Than Just A Class

Back in the day, families used to travel in full-size sedans or wagons. These days, the definition of a family car isn’t as clear. The classification for a family car has grown, and families now have the choice to choose from a broad range of vehicles. There are no definite rules or specifications of what it should be, and it all comes down to what works best for you and your family. Another family’s choice may not be the same for you or another family.

Depending on the size of your family and your needs, it can be a sedan, an SUV, or even an MPV. Put shapes and sizes aside, what truly defines a family car is its ability to become part of the family. How can a car do that? By being safe, useful, comfortable, and pleasant to drive.

What Makes A Car Family-Friendly

While any form of vehicles can be a family car, an ideal car must fulfill three criterias: it must have the best safety features, spacious, and versatile for your family adventures.

Safety is a top priority when choosing a family car, especially when you have all your loved ones in one vehicle. It must be installed with the latest safety features so you can drive everyone around with peace-of-mind.

A spacious interior is a must-have for a family car. It needs to have enough room to fit the whole family comfortably when traveling long distance, and also have a large cargo area to store everything from your children’s school bags to grocery bags from shopping.

A family car also needs to be versatile. Whether it’s for a short trip to the local mall nearby or a four-hour drive back to your hometown, it has to adapt to your needs and be ready for your adventures.

Discover Mitsubishi Cars, Built for Your Family

Whether you are an active family of five, or a couple looking forward to expanding the family; there is always an ideal range of Mitsubishi family cars you can choose. With the choice of five and 7 seater vehicles, all Mitsubishi family cars are reliable and built with the latest technologies that will guarantee your family’s safety in all your journeys.

Our Mitsubishi family car range offers a wide selection of vehicles for different family needs. The most versatile 7 seater SUV Malaysia – Xpander is an excellent choice for bigger and busy families who are always on the run, as it is ideal for hectic school runs or weekend road trips.