100 Years of Innovation

Paving the way for the future

In 1917, Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. introduced the Mitsubishi Model A, Japan’s first series production automobile. The company has evolved in various ways for the next 100 years, but one thing remained constant: our dedication to craftsmanship, signature design, and relentless innovation.

For us, the 100 years is just the beginning. Mitsubishi believes that it is our responsibility to produce the next generation of extraordinary vehicles that capture the imagination and accelerate innovation as our way of shaping the future. Extraordinary vehicle that capture the imagination and accelerate innovation as our way of shaping the future.

The true experts of innovation

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has been an icon of automotive innovation for a good reason. Our history of engineering milestones makes us stand out from the rest, and we take pride in being at the forefront. Our long, successful streak motivates us to push the boundaries with cutting edge technology and innovation.

Mitsubishi’s century of innovation has generated numerous technology advancements including one of the world’s most advanced four-wheel-drive system, the Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC). Its advanced integrated control manages the braking and driving forces of the four wheels to provide the ultimate balance of efficiency and control.

Dominating the motorsports scene

We have proven ourselves to the world numerous times by dominating challenging proving grounds and championship racing in the most extreme conditions. Our participation in motorsport events gives us the opportunity to challenge our vehicles to the limit, as we are always on the pursuit for the ultimate driving pleasure and safety.

Our victories, experience, and achievements from the racetrack provide us with the knowledge that is fed back into the development of next-generation technologies and safety advancements. You can find these improvements and innovations in our range of vehicles today.

Leaders for 100 years and beyond

Mitsubishi is currently in the lead of the development of electric vehicle (EV) and connected car technologies. A product of our research is the eco-friendly i-MiEV, a 100% electric car that produces zero pollution and carbon dioxide. The Mitsubishi eX Concept, a compact SUV with the next-generation EV system, is also expected to lead the way with Tesla-rivaling range and automated driving capability in the near future.

Mitsubishi does not plan to stop or rest even after 100 years of innovation. We are driving to change the world all over again and redefine the way the world views automotive engineering. Leading the way with our extraordinary vehicles for another 100 years and beyond is our pride and joy.